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Sports Massage
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Here at Physio Central we place a strong emphasis on hands on manual treatments as an important tool in aiding the clients’ recovery to full functioning. Each treatment session is individually tailored and supervised by a fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist. Re- assessments during each treatment session allow the therapy plan to be constantly monitored and progressed as necessary.

Additionally, in specific cases we do operate a mobile physiotherapy service. This enables clients who otherwise would have difficulty attending clinic receive top quality professional rehabilitation to their door.


Some of the conditions we treat:​

Our services are not exclusive to the below outlined treatments​

- Muscular imbalance

Opposing muscles surrounding a joint need to be balanced in terms of length and strength in order for movement to occur efficiently.  Muscle imbalance can occur due to tension, tightness and/or weakness and can result in significant pain and dysfunction.  Careful analysis of the musculoskeletal system and implementation of a targeted treatment programme help alleviate symptoms and return the muscular system to an optimum level of functioning

​- Postural re-education
Postural assessment and gait analysis are often a large portion of assessment. Biomechanical dysfunction is a major precursor to painful symptoms and re-education of poor posture and/or inefficient gait by your physio will often enable the client to eliminate painful symptoms.

- Repetitive strain complaints

- Nerve pain

- Lower back pain

Bak Pain?

- Return to sport/work

‘When can I play again?’…the first question most people want answered.  Through effective goal setting, sport specific testing and/or functional performance we will put in place a structured agreed pathway to return to work/sport.​​  


Where there is no team based strength and conditioning professional we will guide our client through late stage rehab/return to play phase of their treatment.

​- Whiplash

- Gait re-education

An in depth understanding of human movement through biomechanics allow us to examine the gait pattern. Education and treatment strategies are then employed to get our client walking as efficiently as possible Orthotic prescription.

- Massage therapy

- Pre/Post surgical rehabilitation

- Sports injuries

- Soft tissue injuries

- Arthritic complaints

How we treat them

- Tailored progressive exercise programmes
All programmes are designed after a full assessment, specific, targeted and individual. The programmes are designed with the individual in mind and with clear agreed objectives between client and physio.

- Manual Therapy
At Physio Central there is a strong emphasis on a hands on approach. There are various manual therapy techniques employed, examples include:

* Massage

*  Joint mobilisation

*  Trigger point release

*  Passive/assisted stretching programmes

*  Strengthening programmes

- Electrotherapy

- Balance and Proprioception education
From basic proprioceptive exercises to more advanced dynamic balance work in our rehab suite.

- Core stability programmes and maintenance
Adequate, appropriate floor space is required for programmes of this nature and this is provided for at our clinic

- Acute injury management

- Exercise Prescription & Exercise therapy
A solid basis in exercise physiology and prescription enables the physio to prescribe the most appropriate programme for the client based on the best current practice.

At Physio Central we use multiple programmes to encourage our clients to engage with the whole therapy programme e.g. VHI, Health Clinic Plus Software, Physio Tools.​

- Strength & Flexibility Programmes

Post injury, stretching and strengthening programmes are vital in returning the client to previous functional levels.


- Ergonomic alterations
Where necessary after assessment, advice regarding changes to the immediate  work environment are available. These changes are multifaceted and are concerned with promoting positive long term changes to a clients functioning. Often are indicated in repetitive strain type injuries in the workplace

- Strapping and Taping Techniques
Keeping abreast of new effective taping/strapping techniques and equipment help us to afford our clients added assurance and prophylactic measures where needed


Other Services:​

- Domiciliary physiotherapy service

Available in certain cases where travel to the clinic may be impossible. Allows the client to avail of physiotherapy services at home, services which otherwise, may be inaccessible.

- Match day/event cover
 For specific cases

- Health promotion advice

- Injury advice

- Medical condition education

- Exercise aids/equipment provision
Complete pricelist for various tools related to  self-management

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