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Why Chartered

Chartered Physiotherapists have the required knowledge base.  Being experts in areas such as exercise physiology, anatomy, the healing process, exercise prescription to engage the client and ensure understanding about their specific complaints and what the aims of treatments are. At Physio Central we constantly undergo Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through informal and formal means and partake in regular ISCP approved courses to ensure we meet our CPD goals.

Rehab Facilities
Rehab Facilities

Adequate floor space is essential when progressing treatment towards late-stage rehabilitation. To this end our rehabilitation suite has comfortable safe gym matted flooring. It also contains double wall bars to facilitate a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises and also allows more dynamic proprioceptive training to be conducted safely. Also included in the rehab section are a variety of training and rehabilitation aids which complement the work of the client and physiotherapist and allow a more diverse range of exercise and therapy plans be implemented.

Some of the equipment includes foam rollers, wobble boards, flexi-bars, exercise bike, digi pedal exerciser, gym balls, aerobic steps, free weights, trampolines, wall bars.

Having a range of exercise equipment and an in-depth knowledge of how to make the most of these tools gives your chartered physiotherapist the scope to design tailor made individualised therapy plans for you. Meaning that you receive the best possible, targeted treatment for your particular problem.

Treatment Room
Foam Rolling
Treatment Rooms

At Physio Central it is our experience that patient education is one of the most effective tools available to the physiotherapist. Evidence shows that informed clients are more likely to adhere to exercise programs and/or engage in activity modifications as necessary, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful treatments. 
We take the time to explain the nature of injury to the client, the aims of treatment and use a variety of aids e.g charts/anatomical models of various joints, to complement our own explanations.

Home exercises are individualised and easy to understand step by step booklets are provided where necessary to allow the client follow a structured exercise plan at home in order to get the best out of each treatment. We also run an innovative package from Health Clinic Plus which includes Smart Phone Apps to aid in exercise adherence and provides easy to follow exercise instructional videos and a range of data to keep the client informed about their progress.

Client safety and comfort are of paramount importance to us during your treatment. We do everything we can to ensure your comfort and safety while on our premises. From wheelchair access to comfortable clean treatment and waiting rooms we endeavour to deliver a first rate client centred, safe and pleasant experience. Our treatment rooms in particular contain an extremely comfortable electric treatment couch; adjustable heights ensure easy ascent/descent and also enable the therapist to deliver the best quality treatment in a safe manner.

Additionally, our treatment rooms come equipped with a variety of necessary treatment aids.  From electrotherapy to thermotherapy, from sports strapping to dynamic taping we have the necessary equipment and skills to meet our clients needs.

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